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Board of Freeholders Petition Completed

The Municipal League of Metro St. Louis submitted the last batches of petitions to both St. Louis City and County Election authorities.  The certification process is expected to completed by Friday September 20, 2019. Board of Freeholders Petitions Press Release September 16, 2019

Report of the Fiscal Analysis Team on the Better Together Consolidation Plan

“This report examines separately the revenue and expenditure claims of the amendment’s proponents”. Report of the Fiscal Analysis Team on the Better Together Consolidation Plan Financial Projection: A First Step By Mark Tranel, Terry Jones, and Jim Brasfield

Municipal League Resolution Passed

On Thursday, March 28, the Municipal League unanimously passed a resolution opposing the petition initiative which proposes to unify St. Louis County and the City of St. Louis and which would eliminate local government resulting in the reduction of services provided to the residents of St. Louis County and affirms its support for a Petition […]


This is a critique of the governance provisions in the Better Together Plan (March 25, 2019 version).   Most of the points have been made in one venue or another but this lists most of the major issues.   It is intended to help all of us understand fully what is being proposed.  Professor Emeritus Terry Jones- […]

State Auditor Fiscal Note – Better Together Proposal

Click the link below to view the State Auditor’s Fiscal Note concerning the Better Together Proposal. Fiscal Note raised more questions than it answered.  Fiscal Note State Auditor 2019

Municipal Fact Sheet

In the St. Louis Region, and within St. Louis County, dozens of municipalities interact with each other, higher levels of governments and a variety of public and private entities in order to improve the effectiveness and restrain the costs of services. The region is noteworthy for its relatively low costs and high quality of service […]

Comparing St. Louis and Indianapolis Local Government Structures – UMSL Report

CASE STUDY COMPARING ST. LOUIS AND INDIANAPOLIS LOCAL GOVERNMENT STRUCTURES by Mark Tranel, Director, Public Policy Research Center, University of Missouri-St. Louis   St. Louis and Indianapolis – UMSL Report