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Electric Vehicle (EV) Readiness Informationa

Below are several links to related to EV readiness. STL City EV Ordinance STL County Commercial EV Bill No. 75, 2021 ENERGY CODE MULTIFAMILY – Richmond Heights ENERGY CODE 2018 AMENDED SINGLE-FAMILY – Richmond HeightsEV Ordinance Cost Estimates flyer Electric Vehicle Readiness flyer

2021 – 21 State Legislature Contact Information

St. Louis City and County:   Missouri House of Representatives District 66 Marlene Terry (D) Marlene.Terry@house.mo.gov 573-751-6845 District 67 Neil Smith (D) Neil.Smith@house.mo.gov 573-751-2135 District 68 Jay Mosley (D) Jay.Mosley@house.mo.gov 573-751-9628 District 69 Gretchen Bangert (D) Gretchen.Bangert@house.mo.gov 573-751-5365 District 70 Paula Brown (D) Paula.Brown@house.mo.gov 573-751-4163 District 71 LaDonna Applebaum (D) LaDonna.Applebaum@house.mo.gov 573-751-4183 District 72 Doug […]