MH Pandemic Policy

In response to the threat of an influenza pandemic, the City of Maryland Heights has prepared this plan to meet the following objectives:

  1. Establish departmental service continuity plans in the event of pandemic influenza in order to insure delivery of basic city services.
  1. Mitigate the spread of pandemic influenza among employees.
  1. Assist employees and their families in managing personal and/or family illnesses during a pandemic influenza outbreak.

The KEY priority will be ensuring that essential city operations continue.  Each department must develop a list of service priorities and then develop plans for meeting those priorities.

Managing the pandemic—focusing on continuity of operations with considerable loss of staff, depleted resources, a struggling economy, and a nervous public—will be a considerable challenge.  Planning increases the likelihood that the city will be able to continue service operations during a global health crisis.

Municipal Fact Sheet

In the St. Louis Region, and within St. Louis County, dozens of
municipalities interact with each other, higher levels of governments and a variety
of public and private entities in order to improve the effectiveness and restrain
the costs of services. The region is noteworthy for its relatively low costs and
high quality of service delivery.


Municipal Collaboration