May 7, 2019: May 7th 2019, 9-10am, Charlie Brennan Show on KMOX

  • “Brennan is joined all hour by Former Missouri Senator John Lamping, Director of Municipal League of St. Louis Pat Kelly, and Former St. Louis Comptroller Virvus Jones, they are discussing Better Together pulling their merger plans, if it is done for good, and Sam Page thoughts on it”.

April 10, 2019: Progress on keeping a merger vote local: MO Rep. Dean Plocher on The Marc Cox Morning Show

  • “Rep. Dean Plocher (R- Dist 89) is making progress on HJR54 that proposes a constitutional amendment to require approval from cities or counties before said cities or counties could be dissolved or merged. Basically, #NoMerger unless the residents of St. Louis City and County approve”.

April 9, 2019: Mayor Tom Schneider: Passing the leadership baton on KTRS 550

  • “Florissant will have a new mayor for the first time since 2011. Serving the public as an elected official since 1979, Mayor Schneider discusses his outlook for the future including the Better Together merger proposal”.

April 5, 2019: Better Together lobbyist opposed to local-only vote; Executive Director of the Municipal League, Pat Kelly on The Marc Cox Morning Show

  • “Better Together is losing steam and a lot of people have been switching sides on the issue, but this discovery by Pat Kelly is shocking: Steve Tilly, a lobbyist for the city/county merger testified in opposition to a local-only vote saying it wouldn’t be fair to give residents of STL city and county more weight than the outstate residents”.

April 4, 2019: April 4th 2019, 9-10am, Charlie Brennan Show on KMOX

  • “Why are some skeptical to even talk about Better Together? Brennan has a chat with Pat Kelly, Executive Director Municipal League of Metro St. Louis. Also joining is the Mayor of Des Peres Mark Becker and Matt Conley (City Administrator of St. Ann.)”.

February 22, 2019: In Tune Radio Show: KWRH-LP 92.9FM


February 21, 2019: Inside the Post-Dispatch: St. Louis Municipal League chief argues Better Together would hurt region

February 28, 2019Inside the Post-Dispatch : Leipholtz v. Kelly — The first one-on-one debate on Better Together’s St. Louis merger plan