Legislative Update May 11, 2018



Most hearings for the rest of the session are for bills from the other chamber.  Floor debate will be the main focus through the end of the session on May 18.  Bills that have not been perfected have been lined deleted.  Bills that have not passed one chamber have been lined through.

  Court Bills

HB 1249 (Plocher) – Allows a court to order credit for time served when an individual has been held in custody for a show cause order pertaining to any matter related to a minor traffic violation. The bill further requires any summons, notice to appear, or citation for a minor traffic violation to include the date and time a defendant is to appear in court when the defendant is first provided the summons, notice to appear, or citation. If the summons does not include such information when first given to the defendant, the summons will be void.  General Laws Committee.  Heard 2/20.  Passed Committee 2/26.  Referred Rules Committee.  Passed Rules 3/5. Perfected 4/10.  Passed House 4/18.  Senate Criminal Jurisprudence Committee.  Hearing 4/26.  Passed Committee 5/9

SB 553 (Dixon) – The Senate Substitute s a scaled-back version of the original bill, that faced stiff opposition in the Senate. This new version allows municipal judges to order community service, issue a fine or place a hold on their licenses for defendants failing to appear for a court date.  Criminal Jurisprudence Committee. Heard 1/29.  Substitute passed committee 2/22.  Perfected 4/26.  Failed on 3rd Reading 5/1

 Economic Development Bills

SB 629 (Wasson) – TIF plans or projects approved prior to August 28, 2018, which are expanded with buildings of new construction, and for all redevelopment plans or projects approved after August 28, 2018, no single redevelopment plan or project shall receive an appropriation of state funds that exceeds three million dollars annually.  Economic Development Committee.  Heard 1/23.  Passed Committee 1/30.  Perfected 2/12.  Passed Senate 2/15.  House Economic Development Committee. Heard 3/13.  Passed Committee 4/3.  Passed Rules Committee 4/11.  House Informal 3rd Reading Calendar..

 Election Bills

HB 1265 (Schroer) requires candidates for all statewide offices, the General Assembly, political subdivisions, and special districts to use his or her legal last name as changed by marriage or court order, or maiden name as it appears on his or her birth certificate when declaring his or her candidacy to run for office.  Elections Committee.  Heard 1/31.  Passed Committee 2/7.  Referred Rules Committee.  Passed Committee 2/19.  Perfected 2/27.  Passed House 3/5.  Senate Local Government Committee.  Heard 3/27.   Passed Committee 3/29

HB 1446 (Eggleston) – Increases population limit to 2000 for municipalities to forgo elections if the number of candidates equals the number of seats to be filled.  Elections Committee. Heard 1/10.  Passed Committee 1/17.  Referred Rules Committee.  Heard 1/29.  Passed Rules Committee 1/29.  Perfected 2/6.  Passed House 2/8.  Senate Local Government Committee.  Heard 2/27.  Passed Committee 3/1

SB 592 (Hegeman) – Modifies several provisions relating to elections.  Amended to Increases population limit to 2000 for municipalities to forgo elections if the number of candidates equals the number of seats to be filled.  Local Govt & Elections Committee.  Heard 1/30.  Passed Committee 2/13. Perfected 3/6.  Passed Senate 3/8.  House Elections Committee.  Heard 3/28.  Passed Committee 3/28. Referred Rules Committee.  Heard 4/4.  Passed Committee 4/4.  Passed House 4/10.  Truly Agreed and Finally Passed.

Miscellaneous Bills

HB 1991 (Rhoads) – Enacts the Uniform Small Wireless Facility Deployment Act.  Utilities Committee.  Heard 1/24.  Passed Committee 2/12.  Referred Rules Committee.  Heard 2/26.  Passed Rules Committee 2/27.  Perfected 3/7.  Passed House 3/13.  Senate Commerce Committee.  Heard 3/28.  Committee Substitute Passed Committee 4/4.  Passed Senate 5/9.  Returned to House for consideration of Senate changes.  Cities have negotiated well with the providers on this legislation for two years, but the real fight will be in the Senate where the cable industry will fight to have their franchise fees reduced.  This would result in a significant financial loss to cities who utilize those fees to preserve and maintain the right-of-way in order to keep them safe for the residents of the city. The bill includes:  a January 1, 2021, sunset; municipal utilities  exempted from the bill; a one hundred and fifty dollar municipal pole attachment annual fee. It is expected to pass the House easily.

HB 2140 (Haefner) – Allows state offices, political subdivisions, agencies, and other institutions to purchase supplies from any authorized General Services Administration vendor without regard to competitive bid limits under Section 34.040.  Government Oversight Committee. Heard 1/30.  Passed Committee 2/13.   Referred Rules Committee.  Passed Committee 2/21.  Perfected 4/10.  Passed House 4/18.  Senate Government Reform Committee. Heard 5/10

HB 2523 (Gregory) – Revises fines for Sunshine Law violations.  General Laws Committee.  Heard 3/26.  Passed Committee 3/27.  Referred Rules CommitteeHeard 4/3.  Passed Committee 4/3Perfected 4/17.  Passed House 4/19.  Senate Rules and Ethics Committee

SB 769 (Cunningham) – Modifies several provisions relating to financial transaction by public entities.  Insurance & Banking Committee.  Heard 1/23.  Passed Committee 2/6.  Perfected 2/27. Passed Senate 3/1.  House Financial Institutions Committee.  Heard 4/10.  Passed Committee 4/24.  Referred Rules Committee.  Passed Committee 5/2.  Passed House 5/9.  Returned to Senate for consideration of House changes.

SB 966 (Rowden) – Gives the Missouri Attorney General subpoena power to question those accused of violating the Sunshine Law.  It raises the fine for “knowingly” violating the law from a minimum of $500 up to $10,000, plus attorney’s fees, and would be classified as a Class B misdemeanor.  For violations that were not “knowingly” violated the fine would be raised to $1,000. Similar to HB 2523.  House Committee Substitute Passed Committee 4/26Referred Rules Committee.  Heard 5/8.  Passed Committee 5/8

Police & Public Safety Bills

HB 1456 (Lauer) – Changes the laws regarding funding for emergency 911 services, administration of 911 funding, Missouri 911 Service Board, and the cooperation and contracting between emergency services providers.  Public Safety Committee.  Heard 1/23.  Passed Committee 1/30.  Referred Rules Committee.  Rules Committee Hearing 1/31.  Passed Committee 2/1.   Perfected 2/28.  Passed House 3/7.  Senate Commerce Committee.  Heard 3/28.  Passed Committee 4/11 with amendments.  Senate 3rd Reading Calendar.

 Public Works Bills

HB 1729 (Justus) – Repeals prevailing wage law.  Economic Development Committee.  Heard 2/6.  Passed Committee 2/13.  Referred Rules Committee.  Passed Committee 2/20. Perfected 3/6.  Passed House 3/13.  Senate General Laws Committee.  Heard 3/28.  Passed Committee 4/3.  Senate Informal 3rd Reading Calendar.

 Taxation & Revenue Bills

HB 1261 (Schroer) – As amended on the floor of House by Rep. Helms (sponsor of HB 1587) HB 1261 prohibits municipalities from licensing any “occupation or profession” that is licensed by the state of Missouri.  The bill does allow municipalities to issue business licenses. However, many cities refer to their business licenses as occupation licenses (either in the charter or by ordinance). HB 1261 may cause unintended consequences relating to liquor licenses and municipalities that refer to their business license  system as occupation licenses.  Perfected 4/3.  Passed House 4/17.  Senate Professional Registration Committee. Heard 4/30.  Substitute Passed Committee 5/3

HB 1879 (Fraker) – Changes the laws regarding financial transactions by public entities.  Financial Institutions Committee.  Heard 1/23.  Passed Committee 1/30.  Referred Rules Committee.  Rules Committee Hearing 1/31.  Passed Committee 1/31.  Perfected 2/7.  Passed House 2/12.  Senate Insurance/Banking Committee.  Heard 2/27.  Passed Committee 3/13.  Passed Senate 4/30 with amendments.  Truly Agreed and Finally Passed.




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